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Shit, stuff, things, objects, gear, equipment, article, gadget, matter, item, device, existent, feature, situation, action, something, substance, symbol, activity, movement, work, stroke, thrust, maneuver, operation, crap, art, sports, war, acheivements, idea, music, shoe or shoelace, apparel, birth control, weapon, colors, cloth, laundry, bodily fluids, spills, chairs, tables, whatchamacallit, junk, matter, private parts, dohickey, paper: Trash can also be used as a curse word... pretty much anything.
"What the trash?" "Bring that trash over here." "I don't like doing that trash." "What is that trash you are listening to?" "Grab your trash and put it in the back of the Humvee!"
by Sgt Hard-dog August 15, 2006
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