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The word "Talay" comes from Puerto Rico . A Brazilian /spanish culture backround . It is known as a womens name . The term "Talay" in Brazilian Portuguese language is often known as beautiful/sexy goddess from the heavens that has a free spirit and is full of laughter and happiness , light hearted and accepting, many of the gods cant resist her beauty and fall for her constantly .She is known to have beautiful blonde or light brown hair and is considered as "the crazy one" But is always willing to give things a go. Shes sociable and very popular but when it comes to self confidence that is a fear that she will never overcome.
also Talay "precious one" in fijian language
In the myths and legends books of Brazil Talay was known as one of the goddesses that ruled the land of epnn'ihar . her beauty was absolutely devine and she had beautiful long luscious blonde hair which shimmered from her soft light brown skin , she had cyrstal blue/green eyes and was known to have the most beautiful smile in the whole land. she was an light hearted spirit and cared for the less unfortunate . she was an amazing dancer when it came to the epnn'ihar ball and was good at anything she tried.
by Sfiles August 09, 2011

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