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a compound word acceptable in elite social circles to denote one who is typically unable to finish their meal, insists on ordering a shamefully paltry portion because of weight concerns, or one who is irksomely flaky

it may also describe someone who is disturbingly subservient to the whims and wishes of particular *vagina, though this definition is more widely understood among those of a lower socioeconomic class and should not be used in the manner as the first definition

*its should be noted that it is exclusively the reproductive organ that the individual in question is subordinate and submissive to and not the female (or male) with which the vagina is associated
- You cahnt finish yore sahled? Bloodyhell, yore suhch a pussybitch.

- Yo, whaii ya gotta be sucha lil' pussybitch tuh Rhonbeefa's hoo-ha?"
by Sexylova69 July 15, 2010

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