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n. When a man wearing a dress shirt forgets to pull up his fly and subsequently discovers, much to his chagrin, that the tail(s) of his shirt is sticking straight out through the hole.
John had to go to the bathroom during the benefit dinner and on the way back, he forgot to pull up his fly. Man, did we all laugh at his shirt penis.
by Sexybiznatch October 28, 2006
Dative plural and ablative plural form of latin noun penis, penis m.

(Declension of penis,penis m., a 3rd Declension i-stem noun)

Nom: penis penes
Gen : penis penium
Dat : peni penibus*
Acc : penem penes
Abl : peni penibus*
Voc : penis penes
Puella penibus magnis eorum fututa est et futuendo fructa est magis quam homines.
by Sexybiznatch October 04, 2006

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