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Daughter of Jon Voight
Over- rated actress from the 90's who somehow still is talked about
Has maybe 1 or 2 hit films,an Oscar but tons of Razzies-proof of her awful non sequiter acting and lousy taste
Looks like a Goth but is more A whore,More resembles Morticia of the Addam's Family-without the humor
Think's she's the coolest bitch on Earth-but in reality is a trashy,homely adulteress prostitute has-been and CANNOT act for shit
Girl,Lets watch Tomb Raider-Angie,is da bomb!!
Girl #2: Yuck, i hate Morticia Joile and her movies!!!
by sexysady December 18, 2011
Clooney as in George Clooney.
A So So Tv actor of 80's,90's who suddenly someone thought belongs on the Big Screen
Has won an Oscar,But the majority of his movies are B.O. Poision and yet the mother fucker keeps acting
Known to make movies Only* he * wants to see

The older Ben Afflack,only marginally more talented..but barely
"Dude,Let's go See Men who Stare At Goats"

Dude#2:"Fuck dat,I don't wanna see dat shit it's A CLOONEY"
by SexySADY December 15, 2011

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