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3 definitions by SexyNigga123

A Tick
Man thats fuckin sweet i got a ✔ on my maths test.

Shit yeah your the man.
by SexyNigga123 July 31, 2009
56 14
1. When some penis head blows up your speakers on your fully sick sterio.

2. When you turn your speakers to full til they blow-the-fuck up.
'' oh fuck i totally raped your speakers man sorry.''

''Thats speaker rape, i guess that makes us even since i raped your mum last night.''

''you sick fuck''
by SexyNigga123 July 31, 2009
13 6
A Sumo sized lump on your banana.
"Shit bro you have a massive Sumanamump on that banana."

"Yeah my nigga G looks like i do, ima gunna put a cap in that badboys ass."
by SexyNigga123 July 31, 2009
5 0