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A delicious pasta dish involving ziti macaronni, tomato sauce, crushed meatballs, mozzarella cheese, herbs, and spices.
Ziti does not necessarily have to be baked, but tastes better when it is.
Since I'm Italian, every Sunday I have pasta and Chicken Cutlets. My favorite pasta dish is baked ziti.
by sexy white boy August 01, 2005
A high reputation, credibility, or respect within one's school. Sort of like street cred but only pertaining to people you know in school.
Everybody in Bishop Ford High School loves that sexy white boy. He has mad school cred!
by Sexy White Boy June 27, 2005
a level or server in a game filled with many people who are low skill.
After 15 mins in the CS server, my score was 37-2. 95% of my opponents were only shooting at my legs. It was like I was swept up by a torN00Bdo
by sexy white boy August 01, 2005

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