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To be able to rise above the immature attempts of others to degrade, slander, lie, and all out destroy your life.

Mature people do NOT drop their friends because of arguments. Instead they do the MATURE thing and go TO that friend and talk, yell, scream, or whatever to work it out. The OTHER MATURE FRIEND, will recieve this yelling, screaming and such in a mature manner, realizing that we all have feelings and emotions and the right to express them.

Mature people realize the difference between room mates who slander, lie, and defame the character of their friends and STAND UP TO THEM, no matter the cost.

Mature people do not try to convince themselves that someone who has cared and loved them for many years, MUST be psychotic for doing so and realize all the shit that said friend, lover, supposed crazy person, has put up with JUST TO KEEP A PROMISE, is a deep deep loyalty and love they have claimed they wanted. A MATURE version of what they have surrounded themselves with when at home with said hate filled room mates.

Mature people have real man danglers and can do the right thing, even when there is a question. Silence destroys relationships and communication break downs kill spirits and souls.. and sometimes.. the true friend.
Maturity Example:

Guy S to room mates: OMG Do you know what she just did?? Im so angry I could choke her ass!

Room mates: Shes nothing but a psycho stalker cunt ass bitch hun.. she isnt worth it. just blow her off babe.

Guy S: No... Im angry, REALLY ANGRY.. but Im gonna calm down and talk to her because, I know she probobly didnt do it to hurt me or betray me.. Dont call her names anymore though. I really care about her.. She pisses me off sometimes, but I know I piss her off too and shes been so fuckin loyal to me in reality despite all we have put her through. You know what? Fuck it.. I love her..

Room mates: Shocked and stunned and angry they dont get their way> WTF??

Guy S: Whatever, Im gonna go see her.. Shes my girl.

Example 2:

John: Hey, She is a fucking psycho! I fucked her even when she said she didnt want it. We all know she did. HAHAHA..

Guy S: You fucking did what to her???

John: She was drunk man.. you know they all want it when they are like that.

Guy S: Comes unglued and beats the shit out of John.
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by Sexy Ducks Girl October 10, 2010
The short way for a man to express his clear commitment phobias. Date to 90.
Dude a: Lemme get this straight.. you care about her, shes good to you, you kinda sorta love her.. shes really cute, kinda stupid but is willing to give you the world and everything in it.. sooo, whats the problem man???

Dude B: d829d man.. Its all I know anymore.. but maybe its not the best way to live..

Dude A: DUH, ya jack ass! Your blowing it!
#d829d #man #men #love #commitment #phobia #scared #relationship
by Sexy Ducks Girl October 10, 2010
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