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When a Dick is slid inside of a pussy.

One night I decided to go clubbing with a few of my friends. We were drinking and having so much fun flirting with guys. One guy came up to the 4 of us and said do you want to go home with me? My friends comment was arent we too much for you, and we all laughed. And he said well pick some other guys then. I decided to have the rule only if your willing to fuck one yourself. Well then he said as long as I get to fuck all three of you.

So we went and found another guy willing to join in on our party. We left the club and went back to courney's place.

He got everyone a drink and said well hows this going to go down. I made the comment and said the more you 2 do together we'll do together and to you guys. When the guy(jason) started sucking the other guy (trever) I was like thats enough no further please. Who really wants to see a guy have sex.. LoL

Well courtney and Tiffany and I were already stripped and sitting next to eachother rubbing eachothers pussy's. Jason went to tiffany and Trever came over to me and courtney. we both nealt down and sucked his dick...he was very hard and big at that I would say about 8 or 9 inches. I stopped liking and sucking his dick and went down and layed on the floor and started licking courts pussy. the room was full of moans and groans. The sound was enough to keep making me hornier.

Jason and tiff came over to join us in our party and jason got on top of me and slid his hard shaft inside of me I was screaming and biting at courtneys clit. I had 2 orgasims before jason go off inside me letting of warm juices. he got up and I seen courtney went to his dick and started sucking it and tiffany came to me and licked the cum out of my wet juicy pussy. In the end we all got fucked a couple times that nite by eachother and by two hot and hard men..we got their numbers and every so often we all get together and have an orgi party
Sex is very fun when there is 3 or more people involved
by Sexy Bi July 16, 2008

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