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1. A different, more cooler version of the word 'yawn'.
2. Being so tired that you're 'yamning'.

3. A word created by a person so cool, but who 'yamns' too much.
*yamn* I'm so tired, I'm just going to fall asleep so I can stop yamning.
by Sexy♥chica June 14, 2009
A sexy person who wears sexy (or not sexy) glasses.
He/she is so spexy.

Those glasses make him/her look spexy.
by Sexy♥chica August 06, 2009
A squeer is a person (normally a fan-girl) who 'squee's' a lot.
Oh, my God! It's Brad Pitt! *squee*

You are such a squeer!

You squee too much, you crazy fan-girl, squeer
by Sexy♥chica July 24, 2009

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