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Anything a guy uses, like toilet paper or anything like that, used to plug or cover your asshole to absorb things like mudbutt, anal leakage, and/or shart
Guy 1: What the fuck is that smell??
Guy 2: Oh that's my old manpon, I've been eating a bunch of spicy foods and haven't changed it for two days.
by Sexican619 December 29, 2006
Nigger sorcery. Made popular by Uncle Rufus in season 2 of The Boondocks.
Uncle Rufus : Oh yeah.. There is some powerful Niggerdry at work here...
by Sexican619 August 30, 2007
Acronym for Toxic Guy Syndrome. When a guy, despite having a girlfriend, tends to let his lower head's thoughts overpower his upper head's thoughts. Basically when a guy thinks with his penis instead of his brain.
Guy 1 : Hey, man I haven't seen Stephanie around in a while.
Guy 2 : Yeah, bro, I think I have TGS.
Guy 1 : Oh, you cheated on her?! With who?
Guy 2 : Some hot piece of ass I saw at a party last month.
by Sexican619 May 28, 2008

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