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relating to strawberry taco; the result of blood on a guys dick after he's had sex with a chic on the rag.
dude, i was hittin it last night, and the chic totally gave me a strawberry burrito.
by sex_goddess June 11, 2008
or vommenting; the act of spewing constant remarks about something, sometimes pointless and othertimes needed.
omg,lacey, u should totally vomment on that blog on facebook.

dude,whats lacey doing?
she's vommenting on facebook.
oh god,not agian.
by sex_goddess June 16, 2008
Otherwise known as Sally. The future owner of Atalay's Aquarium. Brokeback intellect. Obsesser of music. Resembles an owl. Enjoys backrubs and other sexual touching from Michael. Will get raped very soon. At times can be insensitive and not open with new ideas or the thoughts of others. Makes corny jokes and laughs at the weirdest things. Can also be funny and amusing. Tends to be the victim of bad hairdressers and cruel jokes about certain physical features.
I peed because a Kerem verbaly attacked me.
by Sex_Goddess April 22, 2006
A code word/slang, between some youth, for sex. If in caps lock,its to make emphasis for those who are in need of some action.
hey, you uh, wanna, u know, yup?

by sex_goddess June 11, 2008

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