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A deadly combination of sexual prowess that invloves the combination of two destructive skills. These include the Zombie Mask and the Snowball. Proper use of this technique results in one pissed off bitch. Not only have her eyes have been glued together with semen, but now, to add insult to injury, her nose is broken.
Doctor: What the fuck happened to you, Sara?
Sara: My boyfriend Zombie Masked me and now my eyes are glued shut with semen.
Doctor: Oh shit, lemme finish what he started! *Snowballs her* ONE-TWO PUNCH BITCH!
by Sex em' up! January 02, 2007
A sexual position in which the woman does a handstand. The man then sticks his magical balls into her vagina (Literally sticks em in) and she jerks him off (or if she's lazy, he can jerk himself off). This is repeated until the man cums and then he sits down hard, thus slamming the bitch's head against the floor.
Sally: Oh my god, Cindy, what happened to your head?
Cindy: Bob wank tanked me last night.
Sally: Oh shit, pwned nigga!
by Sex em' up! January 02, 2007
When you skeet in a bitch's face, thereby gluing her eyes shut forever. Usually followed by a snowball, forming the devastating one-two punch.
Hellen Keller wasn't actually blind at birth, her dad just Zombie Masked her when she was four because she was so fucking stupid she needed a teacher to figure out what water was.
by Sex em' up! January 02, 2007
When you take a cold shower, or rub ice cubes on your balls, causing them to shrivel up and become hard. The testicles then become weapons used to break a nose (Of your girlfriend). When coupled with a Zombie Mask they form a One-two punch.
Eric: My favorite part of winter is snowball fights!
Shawn: My favorite part of winter is snowballing Eric's girlfriend!
by Sex em' up! January 02, 2007
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