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Listen To Eruption, and youll know why they got number 2 in 100 best solos
Eruption was just PRACTICE for eddie van halen, it wasnt even suppose to be in the album!
by Sex Maniac September 08, 2004
A used to be peaceful country.
If you research deep iranian,american,and iraqi history, you would find out that the bush senior supported and persuaded saddam to attack iran, a YEAR before the gulf war. What the Hell is going on hear?
America The beautiful and great--
but ran by dumbasses who cant keep this great country in good health
by Sex Maniac September 01, 2004
an extra large vagina hole which attracts large objects
vince likes to think he gets booey's but all he really gets is fucked up the ass with bill's penis
by sex maniac July 02, 2004
George W bush. Loud and Simple.
Bush gives this wierd look when hes confused
by Sex Maniac September 01, 2004
Yngwie Malmsteen, the extremely fast virtuoso, listened to hendrix, one of his inspiration. He got into 100 best solos....but only one song
Hes not very creative at writing tabs but the solo in "black star" got into 100
Yngwie Malmsteen....not so nice guy
by Sex Maniac September 08, 2004
Before the Spencer Estate.
Before Raccoon City.
Before Sheena Island.
Before the Starlight Cruiser.
Before Rockfort Island.
Before Antarctica.

Before the entire stinkin' series.

Evil Is born
Resident evil is...ok
by Sex Maniac September 08, 2004
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