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A cute little bug (a fly girl) who goes from bud to bud suckin' up all the nectar she can get!
"What an Oral Bee! I think Melissa has sucked off every guy on this block!"
by Sex ED July 28, 2006
text talk: 4K10 = 4 K 10 = fornicating = having sex, fucking, gettin it on!
"I came over last night and the lights were on, so I knocked on the door, but, no one answered."

"We were 4K10."
by Sex ED July 28, 2006
A masterbater pleasures themself, but a "slavebater" is a girl or prostitute known for giving handjobs.
Sindy is a real cheap ho, but she's really just a slavebater.
by Sex Ed November 21, 2006
Shortened version of eunich. Usually a castrated male. Can be a male (XY chromosomes) born without genitals (just a pee hole), or a man without any penis or sex drive or a man with a permanent case of ED.
The king used Uniks (Unix) to guard his harem.
by Sex ED July 28, 2006
Lips-nips-lips. A description of the entire sex act from beginning to end. (Mouth) lips to nipples to (cunt) lips.
Sheri: Bobby, whacha wanna do?

Bobby: lipsnipslips bitch!
by Sex ED July 28, 2006
Slang for girlfriend.
Like the Pelvis Restless song:

"Baby won't you be
my little titty bare
wrap your legs around my neck
and make me snif your pubic hair,
why don't you be
<why won't you be>
my titty bare?
by Sex ED July 28, 2006
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