31 definitions by Sex ED

Code term for bisexual.
"Damn she's hot. I'd love to go out with her."

"Like or dislike, she's a bicyclist man."
by Sex ED July 28, 2006
1. Stainless steel, front-mid-engine SUV made by AMGeneral. AMGeneral having been the military vehicle division of AMC before AMC went bankrupt. AMGeneral was sold off before Chrysler purchased AMC. Chrysler simply bought AMC for its civilian JEEP line. AMGeneral is independant, but licenses GM to build & sell the H2 & H3. Hummers look like big Jeeps because, basically, they are!
2. A fantastic humming blowjob that leads to a mind boggling, cumblasting orgasm.
When I was in Nevada, this totally legal, high priced whore gave me an H1 in my H1 (I was in the Whorehouse parking lot).
by Sex Ed December 27, 2006
Pussy Pounding Pleasure OR Pussy Pumping Pleasure. SEX!!!
Sheri: Bobby, whacha wanna do?

Bobby: PPP bitch!
by Sex ED July 28, 2006
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