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Severna Park is an exciting town loacated about 15 minutes from Baltimore, and 10 minutes from Annapolis. When in Severna Park, one can find a lot to do. For example, Severna Park has several beaches, a pool hall, a bowling ally, many country clubs and a putt-putt golf course, the Severn River and the Magothy River, cofee shops, religious groups, tennis courts everywhere, and much, much more. Something else to do that's popular in SPark is to go to Bill Batemans on Monday night which is wing night. You will see basically the whole high school there! Also, in the summer you can easily go out on your boat or jet ski, do some wake-boarding, go to Dobbyns island and chill, and eat lots of crabs and crab-dip, crab-cakes, etc. Crabs are SP's thing. SP is famous for it's amazing lacrosse, feild hockey, soccer, and more recently the basketball. SPark Highschool is also the #1 high school in the county, academically. Severna Park is also home to the #1 Community College in the nation, Anne Arundel Community College. Which was ranked number one by the government, and George Bush recently visited this college. Overall, SP is a great place to go if you want to have something to do, or if you want to go to the best high school in the area.
Some common misconceptions are that SPARKIES are stuck up and rich. Well, everywhere that you go where there's some money, you will meet some rich snobs. SP has some, as does everywhere. But there are a lot of nice people in SP and to generalize them all as rich snobs is a huge mistake. Yes, daddy pays for a lot of kids stuff, but theres also a lot of kids who pay for their own stuff. Don't judge but what people have, get to know them.
by SevernaParkRocksMySocks March 08, 2005

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