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Oak Harbor is not the most boring place on earth. The little town of Coupeville, wich is Oak Towns neighbor. Im sure that anyone who has spent more than 15 minutes in Coupeville would be able to relate with me.
Oak Harbor is the secound most boring place on earth. So boring infact, that people have to find things to do, like drive around in fast rice burners, and spray paint on the public highschool. To fully enjoy Oak Harbor, try these things.
1. Stand outside the nearest Mexican restruant, and scream, "viva Mexico!"
2. Buy a cheap Honda, put on a flowmaster, super charge it, and race down Boon Road, against the farmers in their tractors.
3. Go out to city beach at midnight, and bang on light poles untill you get arrested.
4. Sign up for a certain english teacher in the highschool, and prepare for a year of trouble.
5. Jump in the lagoon.
6. have coffee at Angelo's.
7. Go to walmart, buy goldfish, then put them on the DQ grill.
Tyler: Dude, lets go hang out in Oak Harbor.
Seth: My mom said no, because ill probably either get run over by one of the vandersnoots, or arrested, because the cops have nothing better to do than arrest little boys.
Tyler: Lets go to coupeville then.
Seth: No.
by Seth d. Miller July 01, 2008
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