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A response to a bold statement, accusation, or action; slang for "you're going to wish you hadn't said/done that," or "bitch you'll pay for that."
"Yo momma's so fat, I poked her in the belly and gravy came out."

"Oh no you DI'INT!"
by Seth Livingston June 29, 2005
Closely related to the Facebook snob, the Facebook nob is known for:

- Adding you as a friend even though they barely remember you--and you certainly don't remember them.
- Using only the most annoying applications to communicate with you, such as sending you an animated monkey butt spanker.
- Using their status as an emo mood ring.
"Hey, so I accepted an invite from a classmate even though I didn't know who he was. His status is '...is lost without you', and he just poked me with a bouquet of poisonous mushrooms."

"Awww, no way, that guy is a total Facebook nob!"
by Seth Livingston January 27, 2009
This time the bad guys are gonna win, except it isn't a grumpy jedi--it's me, bitches!
"Hide hax0rz! It's Revenge of the Seth!"
by Seth Livingston May 10, 2005
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