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a shit hole town in northern minnesota that is full of drunks, meth heads, and rednecks that drive loud oversized ghetto trucks, and boast about their snowmobiles and how they wasted they got the other night.Eveleth claims to be hockey capital USA and how they have the largest hockey stick in the world but there is one larger in Canada. (And even though im on it)Ill admit that our hockey team sucks ass. i warn you to never go to eveleth in your life time .unless your an uncivilized hick who likes to get drunk and ride snowmobiles.
A typical eveleth local wears a camo hunting hat,old ghetto flanal shirt, ghetto jeans with holes and oil stains on them, ghetto mud stained boots, beer in one hand tin of chew in the other. and likes to say "oya, faggot"
by Seth Korpi September 20, 2007

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