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Combination of the words "pedophile" and "beard". Pedobeards are usually unkempt as a result of months of careless growth, filthy looking and smell like ass. Those who sport this style of facial hair generally spend their time creeping on others, touching children inappropriately and/or coaxing hapless victims into the back of their molester van.
Harry stroked his mangy pedobeard -- which he had not shaven in months -- after a day's worth of successfully picking up young schoolchildren and stuffing them in the back of his van.
by Seru987 October 20, 2009
The concave area that is located beneath the shoulder and arm, also known as the armpit. Closely related to the wenis and the wagina.
A father is explaining the anatomy of the human arm to his son.

Father - "Well son, this here flap o' skin on yer elbow be yer wenis, and the thing on the other side be yer wagina."

Son - "But Pa, what be this here thing under yer arm?"

Father - "Under me shoulder? Oh, that just be me wutthole, son."
by Seru987 June 22, 2009

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