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A very popular derogatory slang South African term, literally meaning "your mother's vagina". Used across the board to insult someone (more so their mother) or to express anger at and individual, situation or item.
More often than not it is a quick way to provoke someone and a sure way to cause a fight.
Sometimes shortened to just "your ma se...", which is just as effective. Or even expanded as in "jou dubbele ma se poes".....
Also heard often when someone hurts hurts themself, e.g stubbing your toe....."Eina!! Ma se poes!! That hurts!!
Jan: Hey Dirk, your ma se poes!!
Dirk: What did you say about my mother? I'm gonna fuck you up!!!
Spectator: This ma se poes guy wants to fight. I'm sick of these ma se poes nights out!!

by Serpent Tongue August 31, 2006
A South African slang word meaning a guy who dresses and acts like a girl. It does not necessarily refer to all gay men but rather to those who display female tendencies i.e. drag queens and cross-dressers etc.
Hey Scott, was that a skirt I saw you wearing yesterday, and with your hair all done up? You looked like a moffie!!!
by Serpent Tongue August 31, 2006
South African slang term for homeless person, hobo, etc.
Commonly found in cities, pushing a stolen shopping cart/trolley filled with the day's scavenged goods, and more often than not quite drunk, followed by a mutt ("pavement special" dog)....
Stuart: Mom! There's a bergie going through the trash again!!
Mom: Oh dear! All these homeless people are just a result of the government's failed attempts to balance the social and economic inequalities which are so evident in the society we live in today, coupled with the damage created by the apartheid era.
Stuart: Huh?!!!

Bergie: Lady, do you have some spare change?
Edna: What? Get a job hobo!
Mabel: Oh Edna! Don't be so inconsiderate. Here you go mister, a nice sandwich for you.
Bergie: Thanks lady. Wait a sec....what's this? A liver polony sandwich!!! Screw you old girl!!!
Mabel: Well I never! Ungrateful hobo!
Edna: Uh-huh.....
by Serpent Tongue September 01, 2006
An afrikaans word meaning taste or crave. More commonly used as a slang word meaning to be attracted to or having feelings of desire for another person. To have a crush on someone or be horny.

Cyril: Yes like it Ethel, I smaak you with a passion hey!!
Ethel: Put that sausage away!! I got a headache tonight!

Koos: Boet, I smaak a lekker big steak now!!
Fanie: Ja, you always such a vraat!
by Serpent Tongue September 01, 2006
South African slang term for fart.
Mark: Oooo...I just had a sweet poep now....mmmm, can you smell that? It's quality!
Errol: Oh God yes.....silent but deadly!!

Fran: What's that's smell? John!! Did you poep now?!
John: No, it was the dog.
Fran: Stop blaming the poor dog! I know it was you. I can recognise that smell anywhere!
John: Okay fine, it was me. But hey, "wat nie rent betaal nie moet uit"! (those that don't pay the rent has to get out!)
by Serpent Tongue September 01, 2006
South African slang word for penis.
Baby you look so lekker, my tollie is getting stiff!

Yes, it's true...Bernard has a small tollie.
by Serpent Tongue August 31, 2006
Afrikaans term for a turd, piece of shit, etc. Can also be used to describe a badly rolled joint, or to insult a person.
Dammit! I stepped on a drol now I've got shit all over my shoes!

This joint is not going down too good here man! For fuck sake Greg, you rolled a real drol dude!!

I'm telling you, Greg can't roll a lekker marley! He is a groot drol!!

by Serpent Tongue August 31, 2006

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