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A particle or flake of some kind of food remnant in poop that is sharp enough to cut someone's anus as they crap it out.
Guy 1: How'd he end up in the hospital?
Guy 2: He ate some really old and stale chips, and his anus got all torn up from the crapdaggers.
by Serjeh Somogath June 22, 2010
A person who enjoys eating fruit out of another persons anus.
Guy 1: Guess what I did last night.
Guy 2: What?

Guy 1: I ate whole bunch of strawberries out of this girl's anus.
Guy 2: Dude, you're such an apple rat.
by Serjeh Somogath March 06, 2010
A highly dangerous black man who has yet to be arrested due to the fact that he can run at incredible speeds.
Guy 1: Dude, that one black guy killed seven more people.
Guy 2: Why haven't they caught him yet?

Guy 1: Because he outruns police every time.
Guy 2: So he's a Tasmanian Cheetah?

Guy 1: Yeah.
by Serjeh Somogath March 05, 2010
A person who picks their butt for crap flakes and saves them up to eat later.
Guy 1: What do you want to eat?
Guy 2: Oh, I'm fine. I just ate all the crap flakes I'd saved up this week.

Guy 1: Oh my god, you septic badger...
by Serjeh Somogath March 05, 2010
How appreciated or alike you are with dirty, old-world farmers or your level of dirty, "old-worldiness".
Guy 1: What did you do last weekend?
Guy 2: Not much. I just harvested my grapes, gave a llama a bath; the usual.

Guy 1: Jeez dude. Your beanworth is way too high.
by Serjeh Somogath March 05, 2010
A guy who constantly picks at his earwax in public, and then wipes it on things.
Guy 1: Oh my god, that was disgusting!
Guy 2: What?

Guy 1: That guy just wiped a bunch of earwax on his desk!
Guy 2: What a cheese weaver.
by Serjeh Somogath March 05, 2010

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