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Nickname for the president's briefcase that houses a laptop that is rumored to have strategic command capability.

Believed to be in the charge of the federal courier service and not the secret service.
The Football is handcuffed to the courier's wrist.
by Seriphimarchangel November 19, 2008
Personal Defense Weapon. Originally used to describe HK's MP5K (MP for Maschine Pistole or Machine Pistol and K for "Kurtz" meaning small). The term has since left being used to describe that weapon and has grown to represent a new class of weaponry that is supposed to have the firepower of a rifle (such as a M16 series rifle in 5.56mm)yet the ease of carry of a submachine gun (like the larger MP5 variants).

Two weapons currently fit such a description, FN Herstal's FNP90 (5.7x28mm)and HK's MP7 (4.6x30mm). Both of these weapons are marketed as being perfect for support staff and pilots where a full size rifle would be too large to be practical
The Belgian army has units that are issued PDW 's
by Seriphimarchangel November 19, 2008
From the words ethnic and skeptic.

Not believing that the demographic that one belongs to is the best, questioning the deeds and beliefs of one's own culture.

Also related to an openmindedness to other cultures.

Antonym of ethnocentric.
Sarah Palin is not a great practitioner of ethniskepticism
by Seriphimarchangel November 19, 2008
A vagina with a bad odor, the odor of a vagina
That girl had some bad oniondunk
by Seriphimarchangel November 19, 2008
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