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1 definition by Seriously serious

A town run by teenagers, farmers and drug addicts.

A teenagers paradise. Many people bitch about how shitty it is. There isn't really much to do in this town but screw around and get drunk. A lot of fun activities can be found in nearby towns. Parties are common. It's really a typical small town, only without the racism and discrimination. A large percentage of the population is mentally or physically handicap due to the large number of group homes.

Social classes are largely divided by wealth and leisure activities.

Only has one high school, which is pretty awesome to attend in my opinion. The secondary school is hurt with little to no freedom.

This town is definitely the last place you want to be if you don't get along with all sorts of people.
Till-son-boig-uh guido: "Joizy shoie on 2naightttt wut"

Tilly-bee gangsta: " I smoke 1/4lb per day err-day"

Tillsonburg old-folk:" you dang kids stop loitering near my shop or i'll call the telephone company and they will take you away in the choo-choo-train of justice."
by Seriously serious September 25, 2010
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