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The minimalist art of owning as few things as possible - discarding all useless objects, while keeping essentials (like clothes, computers, etc).

Lessism usually only counts on personal things that belong only to the owner. It means that it usually doesn’t include household furniture, dishes, cleaning supplies, or other shared items.

Often times lessism is considered as a badge of honor in minimalist circles, as in lessism is a competition scored like golf, where the fewest pieces wins.
Minimalist #1: "Dude, I found out about this thing called lessism, and I got so interested that I got rid of all the junk in my apartment and kept only 100 things."

Minimalist #2: (who already partakes in lessism): "Only 100 things? I have 42!"

Minimalist #1: Whoa... that is so minimal. I think I need to head back to my apartment to get rid of more stuff."
by Serge_Graystone April 10, 2010

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