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An activity we want to have. We practice with a ball and a pillow on the bed. The ball is the penis, and the pillow is the guy's chest and head. We give the ball a blowjob by sucking it and licking it rapidly. The head of the pillow sucks our boobs and pussy. It's really awesome and it feels like sex would feel like. Try it!
Last night I was in my apartment in a seethrough nightgown and the doorbell rang. I went to get it, and a really sexy guy was there who pulled me onto my bed and ripped my nightogown off. He sticked his penis into my vagina and slid back and forth. My boobs were right by his mouth and he licked them perfectly. I screamed and moaned and yelled "FASTER! HARDER! I WANT MOREEEEE!!". Then I slid down to give him a blow job, when another guy came in and asked if he could join. I said yes, and he fucked me in the ass and it felt great! (I later found out that the guy that started it was named Steve, and the guy who came in was Dave). So Dave was fucking me, and Steve was just lying there moaning, but h should do some work so I got down on the bottom, Steve got on top, and he licked my vagina right on the cilt! Oooooooh it felt good. Dave was sorta left out, so I started giving him a blowjob, and he sucked my boobs. Then Dave got off me and fucked Steve. I went around to major french kiss Dave, and Steve fondled my boobs. Then Steve got a red bra and put it on me, and then he put his penis under the bra and over the boob, and Dave did the same to the other one and fucked me like crazy awesome. I reached my hands around their bodies, and fondled their arse. There was also a lot of cum on them which I happily swallowed like always. Finally I got on top of Steve and put my boobs on his mouth and my hand on his penis like I was giving him a hand-job, and Dave put his mouth on my vagina and we all fell asleep until tomorrow night. Then it started again with more people and really hardcore and kinky sex.
by Serenity Rae, Sally Parker January 27, 2007
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