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Many people tie preps with the word slut and other insults but the true prep fashion is inspired by school uniforms, conservative sport wear, and other similar foundations. The basic prep will wear a polo and khaki pants which is not slutty. You could think of this fashion as the kind of clothes accepted in a country club, which requires conservative clothing.

The fashion that is considered prep fluctuates in pre-teens and younger teens who often obsess over name brands such as hollister and abercombie. The stores have prep inspired clothing BUT the clothing items that have the store's name across are NOT preppy. They are under a different class that has not been created yet.

As many teens get older the style begins to become more personalized and less traditional. Often girls will wear an preppy item with an edgier item, which creates a balanced outfit that is becoming very popular. This modernized and edgier prep can be called chic. Preppy Guys on the other hand wear polos, button ups, khakis, and pastels. They can mix a preppy shirt with jeans to make it less country-club like. Prep guys care about their appearance and make their outfits neat and some may be more preppy by wearing scarves and pea coats.

Preppy is conservative not slutty so ripped jeans and tight shirts are NOT preppy. Preps are not obsessed with pink and many are intelligent. =]
Polos, Khakis, Pastel colors, Sweaters, Bermuda shorts.
NOT hollister shirts, or slutty items. Instead it is Conservative.

Sweater/Polo + Khaki = "Preppy"
Tight low cut shirts + Short Skirts = "Trashy" NOT "Preppy"
by Serena3 January 29, 2010

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