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The number of pixels that made up a picture or character in an old game usually on the systems like the NES or ATARI.
OMFG Nintendo is eight bit and it's still teh Ownz0r.
by Ser Hax0r February 25, 2005
The act of having sex then cumming in your partners mouth followed by a steady flow of urine.
John gave Scott a Sweet n' Sour Shower while Scott was drunk.
by Ser Hax0r February 25, 2005
The Über suck when it comes to classmates. Often looks like Mileena from MK but without the hot body and all the facial features (most notably for her fucked up teeth).
Jennifer is el shockz0r of the class. Even Shrek looks better than her
by Ser Hax0r February 25, 2005
1. A system made by the antichrist corporation to compete with the major companys.

2. A house.
My fucking xbox burned down last night with my dog inside!
by Ser Hax0r February 25, 2005
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