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1 definition by Ser

1. A refined, cuter version of the nickname "babe."
2. What one is called when they are held in high esteem by another.
3. One who is intelligent, yet silly and entertaining. One who is beautiful, but modestly so. One who is with faults, but wears them gracefully.
4. Basically, this is what I call my best friend in the world, because she's just loverly like that.
5. May also be used in different terms, such as "Behbbles" or "Behblidocious." Imagination and creativity is encouraged when using this word.
6. Side note: This name is used most effectively when there is a second person involved to take the nickname "Bub."
Bub: Behb!
Behb: Bub!
Bub: <3 Behbbles.
Bub: (=
Behb: <3 Bubbles.
Behb: =)
by Ser August 23, 2005