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Not a potato. It is a cool post-post-structuralist idea created by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari.
There's no point planting rhizomes in your garden, because they only grow out of an eternally deferred centre, maybe.
by Septimus Warren Smith September 23, 2010
According to Wikipedia.
Wikiparently, Soviet montage theory is an approach to understanding and creating cinema that relies heavily upon editing.

Wikiparently, House is a style of electronic dance music that originated in Chicago, Illinois, USA in the early 1980s.
by Septimus Warren Smith September 23, 2010
The process by which the activities of everyday life are colonised by Apple's mobile phone, the iPhone.
Man, I iPhonised University Challenge the other day: I Shazamed that track on University Challenge, and got the answer before the guy from that University.

iPhonisation is rife in modern society. Let me take a video of it in iPhone HD.

Everything nowadays is iPhonised. For example,
A: "How will you remember my Birthday?"
B: "I'll add it to my iPhone."

A: "Where are we?"
B: "I don't know, but I'll check on Maps."
by Septimus Warren Smith September 23, 2010
The movement between illogically connected segments of our dreams.

A montage movement which does not rely on logic.

The free-form movement of our thoughts/ideas and our presentation of them in literary/artistic forms.
Documents of a sort of reality,
splashed in our faces; dream-cuttings;
modern fables.
by Septimus Warren Smith September 23, 2010

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