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The hands of a male which are used to manually pleasure himself in order to satisfy his sexual frustration.
Dont touch me with your crusty dick beaters!
by SeptiK September 07, 2003
Come wif me into the ally where I will show you my peener.
by SeptiK September 07, 2003
Term used to describe the cooter of a female whos been around the block, neighborhood, city, and state.
Guy1: "Man why are you so late the movie started 20 mins ago"
Guy2: "Sorry dude, had to drop off a load at the cum dump."
by SeptiK September 08, 2003
Term used to describe a dirty whore who takes little or no care of her worn out cooch and it becomes rotten, brown, and smells like a Long John Silvers fish platter.
I was going to go down on her but I didnt know she was makin sloppy tacos for dinner.
by SeptiK September 08, 2003
The act of holding your headset microphone in close proximity to your rectum while playing the Butt trumpet for others to hear on voice chat. Then you have to put it back on your head so you can provide color commentary on the smell.
Did hear that stink mic Shocker hit us with last night. I'm suprised his guts didn't fall out.
by Septik April 03, 2006
Term used to describe the act of a one with braces to give a pickle wash to an unlucky guy. Sometimes painful because of the massive ammount of hardware coming in contact with the peener
Every since your mom got braces Ive had a black n decker pecker.
by SeptiK September 08, 2003
Used when a massive guy has his massive peener deeply rooted in a womans love canal.
I was feeling great til I found out this sperminator had planted his man root in my girlfriend.
by SeptiK September 08, 2003
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