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Something that people say on AIM when they think the last thing you said was really wierd, and not in an ok way. Like in a stop talking to me you creepnut sort of way.
hottchica69: This one time I ate the bubbles in my bubble bath!! rofl!
badassdude666: o...k...
by SeppukuKnife April 09, 2005
where you wake up and you are someone else and then some time later you come back to yourself. The thing is you can demand people on acid to "dissociate!" and they think they do, but really they don't because part of a dissociative fugue is that it can't be drug-induced.
Alex: "Eli. Dissociate!"
Eli: "I like mittens!"
Josie: "Sweet God,I think Eli's having a dissociative fugue!
by SeppukuKnife April 09, 2005
I have to give this talk to a guy about every week when I am single. It goes like this: "I really like you, but I have so much going on in my life right now... can we hang? Be friends? Or is it the sort of thing where you don't want anything to do with me if you can't make sweet love to me?" What I mean by it is: You are nice. but you are kind of creepy and I don't think you are physically attractive. Which usually has to do with hygene or lack thereof.
Creepy Guy: "Here, I brought you this lovely stuffed Gnu from Africa."
Me: "Um, Bhalthazar, I think I'm going to have to give you the "friends" talk."
by SeppukuKnife April 09, 2005
A word to say when wading through gross mud or upon encountering gross slime on a handrail that you were using.
James Nye: "Ruby, let me wipe this gross frosting on your face!"
Ruby: "NO! Gurk! Well, ok."
by SeppukuKnife April 09, 2005

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