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Something from the streets, gutter, and/or gangsta

Same as sayin 'Hood'("I'm so hood") or "Street" ("I'm so street")
I'm so damn gully
by Seoul April 30, 2003
1. Helicopter noun

2. A place Arnold Schwarzenegger often tells people in his movies to go to
"Gooooo, get to the choppa"
by Seoul September 09, 2003
An Uh-huh(noun) refers to a person that is an idiot or moron. An Uh-huh always lacks common sense and often are illegal immigrants who moved to another country with preperation.
The term "Uh-Huh" originated from idiots always saying "uh-huh" to anything that is said to them.

"Sir you are a f*ckin' idiot!"
Look at Uh-huh over there.
by Seoul April 30, 2003
Person with many nice cars, custom fixed cars. Baby calls himself the #1 Stunna for winning all the car shows with his custom fixed up cars. What he does is called "stunting." Also see the Big Tymers song called 'Stuntastic'
I'm the #1 Stunna
by Seoul September 09, 2003

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