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(genre) Style of music developed in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, CA combining the singer/songwriter genre with hip hop. It breaks away from the stereotypical "acoustic" sound which tends to be overly dramatic with the purpose of being "sensitive" or "nostalgic" and drifts away from the electronic back beats of Hip Hop with the use of an acoustic guitar and maybe a cajon (percussion intrument). It does this by using interesting rhyming patterns, slang and string plucking as opposed to strumming. A highly entertaining and often comedic listening experience that is full of collaboration a la hip hop's Wu Tang Clan.
We went to see some local singer/songwriters at a coffee shop. For the most part they all sounded the same accept for the one guy playing acoustic hop. He was funny and had us wanting to shake our booties. At different points during his set other artists joined in with him on stage. It was awesome!
#acoustic #hip hop #wu tang clan #comedy #gitfiddle #folk #acoostic hop #acustic hop
by Sentinel408 September 07, 2009
(v) a medical/surgical procedure where a female becomes a male
"Hey, isn't that Sharon?"
"No. Sharon had an addadichtomy and now Sharon is Sean"
#sex change #she male #he-she #procedure #transgender #addadicktome #adadictomy #chopadichfromy
by Sentinel408 September 07, 2009
(person)A rather large and unpleasant looking human being who spends all their time sitting in their yard, determined to catch those meddling kids in the act. Every neighborhood has one. It is quite possible that if there are meddling kids, the Lawn Creep may intend to EAT them as punishment.
Every day I drive down the street I see the lawn creep hanging out in a chair with a Big Gulp cup and the same dirty v neck shirt. I think it saw foot prints in its lawn and is determined to catch the kids responsible for it
#ogre #monster #um laut #creepy old guy #lawn gnome #troll #lon creep #lawn creap
by Sentinel408 September 08, 2009
(v) to conduct oneself or something in the easiest possible manner by avoiding extraneous actions. KISS stands for Keep It Short & Simple or Keep It Simple, Stupid. Much like a basketball coach would call out a Triangle offense or Isolation offense from a sideline, a parent, trainer or mentor would tell their subordinate to "run the KISS offense"
While the intern was fumbling through a long drawn out slideshow that was putting everyone to sleep, his mentor said to him, "run the KISS offense"
#simplify #chill #complicate #elaborate #unass
by Sentinel408 September 09, 2009
(adj) how someone rolls. If you're going out on the town, or just to Target, and you have five or more people with you, then you are rolling kru thik
My neighbor got into a car with six of his friends. I asked where they were going. He said to the store to get a bag of ice. He was rolling kru thik.
#crew #posse #mob #loner #solo #krew thick #kru thick
by Sentinel408 September 09, 2009
(v) people who are broke that go out to bars anyway and wait for someone to get up from their stool so they can swig on their unsupervised drinks. They typically move from area to area so the can't be pinned down by a waitress or bartender and be discovered to be broke
My girlfriend got up from the bar to go to the bathroom when some guy tried to drink so we can drink. Little did he know that I was with her so I prevented the crime
#drink #mooch #hobo #vulture #scavenger #patron #customer
by Sentinel408 September 09, 2009
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