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A lump that forms on your testicals from draining your man nectar too often.
"Mom, will you massage my nutlump with your tongue?"
by Senior El Jalepeno March 02, 2005
Someone (usually yourself) who has the urge to stuff little kid's stinkboxes full of sour gummy bears.
"Hes got pedophilistic tendencies? Oh, well- tell him theres towels in the closet. Bitch."
by Senior El Jalepeno March 03, 2005
This is what builds up around your anal orifice from too much lovin with a 60 yearold man named Jethro, who has a fetish for sniffing shit diapers and manually releasing himself on the door knobs of abortion clinics in idaho. fuck your mother.
"Mom, will you chissel the analcake off my arse and serve it to me with some coffee? Yeah, thats it...jiggle it around..."
by Senior El Jalepeno March 02, 2005
FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER SHIT RAPE. Eat some pie, bitch. What are you doing? Lick it up, you fucking cuntrag. Stuff that bloody stump in your ass, thats right. Cockface.
WHAT THEFUCK AREYOU DOING!!! I SAID LICK IT UP, MOTHERFUCKER!!! my, your anal gibblets are exquizit.
by Senior El Jalepeno March 02, 2005
A fine Teriyaki delicacy that you suck out of a 400lbs. sweatty asian women's gaping asshole with a cocktail straw and a nose packed full of grade A columbian snow.
"Pass the shitaki, bitch."
by Senior El Jalepeno March 03, 2005
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