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An odd style of fashion. Often called 'demon fashion', it evolved from the extreme J-Rock movement in Japan, featuring completely decked out musicians and lead singers.
Tenten is comprised of many different characteristics, that, when put together, display a rather frightening appearance. It seems that with most Tenten followers, the focus or point of fashion is comprised of facial appearance. Wild, extremely colorful makeup complete with tweezed out eyebrows, long lashes, and a heavy amount of dark makeup under the eyes(to, most likely, convey a dead or exhausted theme) are just some of the makeup techniques used on a typical Tenten girl or boy. Piercings are extremely common, most appearing on the lips or nose area, where they are crowded and in large numbers. As many as seven lower lip piercings may occur.
However, one of the biggest points of so called 'demon fashion', are the colored contacts the Tenten wear. White lenses, so as to block out the colored iris, give the followers a freakish, animal appearance, that is not only shocking at first, but hard to get used to for many non-Tentens.
The clothing is really nothing special; mainly punk and grunge outfits, often dirty and shredded. For girls, however, their seems to be a trend in bright, happy colors, contradicting their demonic looks. Japanese influences are a constant in their clothing style. Other than that, really nothing special is contained in the fashion.
The most likely reason for this is the simple fact that most of the style is based on facial and bodily appearance, rather than clothing. It is because of this so-called "rule" that not many people can be considered Tenten "poseurs".
Music tastes vary. Going from J-Rock/J-Metal, to black metal, to industrial and EBM, even to Indie. Tentens are usually the most interested in underground and rock subcultures; odd genres of music not as well-known by the general public.
Therefor, you will not encounter many Linkin Park Tenten fangirls.
Tenten boy: Wow, look at that beautiful Tenten girl!

Tenten hater: Eww, what a freak!
by Senbou September 13, 2005

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