3 definitions by Senator O'Biden

Taking a really liquid diarrhea shit.
"I was brewing a murky potion and I can't get your toilet to flush."
by Senator O'Biden October 26, 2012
An unfortunate happening that can occur some time after you take a dump where your ass begins to itch because your formerly clean sphincter has begun to "prairie dog out" a bit of crap that may not have successfully exited your intestines with your previous bowel movement. Typically this can result in one having to wipe again to both remove the new doo and relieve the itch brought on by it.
"My ass itches. I think I got the backbiter."
by Senator O'Biden January 22, 2012
Used to refer to any single or group of African-American (black) individuals.
The lounge is full of officials.

It's getting kind of official in here..
by Senator O'Biden November 12, 2008

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