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An ok place to live. There are awfully, terrible, snobby people who live there, and people who act like sluts and think they're cool. However, there are also really nice people and very smart people. The ignorant, "slutty" people are very annoying, but they won't get in your way...much. There are some very nice teachers and really mean teachers, but overall, they're ok. The stress is immense, and so is the homework load. There are different groups of popular people and un-popular people. There are the snobby, slutty, rich popular people, the semi-nice, smartish, but still fashionable popular people, and there are the they should be more popular, popular people. In the unpopular ground there are the emo, gay, lesbian, nice unpopular people, the nerdy, quiet, I-don't-feel-comfortable-talking-to unpopular people, and the fun, crazy, nice, yet can be a bit odd unpopular people. In Millburn, the restaurants are nice, some are popular but some are really bad. There are so many ice cream places. The deli is the best, and almost everything is expensive. To blend in you need to be rich, pretty, a bit smart, and fashionable. The housing is nice, but can be expensive. When you go to college, you are expected to go to an ivy league, but if you don't you won't really care because you will be happy you left.
Normal person: Hey, how are you?
Snobby Millburn person: Awesome! Hold on I'm going to take some pictures of myself in sexual poses.
Unpopular Millburn person: Idiotic popular person. Hey normal person. Lets go over there.
Normal person: Sure. And damn that popular person is a stupid bitch.
Unpopular Millburn person: I know...people like that ruin our town popularity.
by Semi-unpopular Millburn person April 17, 2010
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