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A person, Male or Female who likes to take pictures upon pictures of themselfs. They may post them all over their little spaces on the net, including but not limited to Lj, Xanga, My Space, VampireFreaks.com, Hot or Not.com, Ect... And they may post them all over message boards they frequent.

Or they can be one of your friends who likes to send you a dozen new pictures everyday of themselfs, in new and old poses, clothes, makeup, ect... And you now have a bigger collection of their face on your computer than you do Mp3 files and other picture files put together. And if any one were to see said collection of pic's you might be accused of being obsessive, or a stalker or something.

**Person/s in pictures do not have to be nude to be a camwhore.**

Said people might also be catagorized as Attention Whores.
"Sam, you're a camwhore you know that, with all the pictures you send me of yourself people are gonna think I have some strange obsession with you."
by Selenas DeWinter *Sel* October 24, 2005

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