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Originated from hacks = hax -> hackers/haxors

1. (noun) Someone that hacks; a hacker.
2. (verb) To cheat using a hack.

You are a haxors. I'm reporting you.
by Seiichiro Watari April 12, 2006
Pwnage is used to decribe superiority over someone or something, usually used in internet gaming.

Pwnage is from the root "word" pwn, originated when the map designer of Warcraft was spectating a match. The player lost to a computer character, so the map designer tried to type, "You got owned," but mistyped it, saying instead, "You got pwned." In other words, the word originated from a complete and total typo.
(After killing something in games without trying) PWNAGE

(After getting killed) That was pwnage.

by Seiichiro Watari April 12, 2006
A 1337 corruption of newbie (newb).

1. A new player to an online game that shows disregard for rules and regulations.
2. An offensive term that means a new player.

There is a difference between a newb (newbie) and a noob (n00b). A newb is a new player. A noob (n00b)is a new player that disregards rules.
(after getting Kill Stolen in games) "I'm reporting you n00b."
(after a new player begs for help or items) "I'm reporting you n00b."
(after a new player annoys a crowd or makes a racist or sexist remark) "I'm reporting you n00b." "Go away n00b."

by Seiichiro Watari April 12, 2006

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