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A book written by Diana Wynne Jones, published in 1986. It's an amazing fantasy story, taking place in a country called Ingary. The main character is Sophie Hatter, who is turned into an old woman by the Witch of the Waste. Sophie sets out to seek her fortune, which leads her to getting involved with the terrible Wizard Howl. This book has an amazing way of grabbing you and making you forget about the plot, until you get to the ending and everything ties together. It seems a little simple, but you'll soon realize that after every reread you pick up extra bits of information.

Howl's Moving Castle was made into an animated film by Hayao Miyazaki in 2004. Real fans of the book will tell you that the movie was good by itself, but strayed to far from the book, and the book was infinitely better. The only things the same between the book and the movie is the basic premise and four out of seven of the main characters' names. The last two-thirds of the movie were completely different from the book. Still, don't bash the movie, because Diana Wynne Jones said herself that it was good that the movie was very different from the book.
Howl's Moving Castle is the best book of all time.
by Segreto November 05, 2010
Stands for "My life is average" and is used at the ends of posts on mylifeisaverage.com. Also an abbreviation for the website itself. There are two types of MLIA posts:

1) An actually average post. These post chronicle the actual things people do during the day, so that the average person can relate. Sadly, these posts are currently almost nonexistent. An example: "Today, I was surfing the web instead of working when I came across a link to MLIA. I sniggered, then looked guiltily around to see if anyone had heard. I don't think they did. MLIA."

2) A fake post. These posts are about people who have seemed to have mistaken "MLIA" for "my life is awesome." They usually have to do with Harry Potter, the word "epic," Yahoo versus Google, the phrases "Mind. Blown," and "I'm still confused," cool teachers, and stereotypes. They also usually aren't as grammatically correct as the average posts. They are usually funny, but once you've read a really average post, you hate them from the bottom of your heart. These posts have taken over MLIA. An example: "Today, after reading all of the other comments about the Google vs. Yahoo war I decided I'd try it out. I typed 'penguins are' into both of them. Yahoo says they are mammals. Google said 'penguins are my favorite sort of frogs.' Definate win. MLIA."
Some people commenting on an average post:

"Today I was pouring coffee and spilled a little on the counter. I wiped the coffee up with a paper towel. MLIA."

Fake post lover: This post is really average. It's not funny at all. This sucks.

Average post lover: The site is called "mylifeisaverage.com"; it's supposed to be average. It's in the name.

Fake post lover: But there are other posts that are really funny and awesome!

Average post lover: But those aren't AVERAGE. My teacher's never been tackled by the Cookie Monster. Has yours?

Fake post lover: No. So?

Average post lover: *facepalm*
by Segreto November 05, 2010

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