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The female form of the bagdrag, the snailtrail is the sliding of one's poonanny across the forehead of an unsuspecting intoxicated or sleeping victim. The snailtrail is best performed during ovulation when discharge is thicker and richer. Note: can result in injury if the snailtrailer is not stealthy.
Hey look, Kira is sleeping peacefully, let's start her morning off right with a snailtrail.
by Seeg May 31, 2006
A derivative of teabag (descending the scrotum into the open mouth of an intoxicated or sleeping victim), bagdrag refers to the dragging of one's scrotum across the face of a like target. The female form is the snailtrail.
Look, Derek is passed out, would you like to snailtrail him first or shall I bagdrag him? Shit, I love Tahoe.
by Seeg May 26, 2006
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