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1. Slang for 'alright then', probably popularized by the movie SlingBlade

2. Term of acceptance in response to an offer or statement

(may be spelled with any number of 'i's, as in "aiight den" or "aiiight den")
1. 'Would you like some french fries?'
Aight den, reckon I would... I like french-fried 'taters & mustard, mmm-hmmm"

2. 'Wanna go to the store with me?'
"Aight den"
by SeeOurWrecks December 03, 2003
1. Affirmative response

2. Slang for 'yes it is' or 'Yes I did', 'yes you are' etc.

Opposite of nuh-uh
1. 'You didn't do your homework, did you?' "Ya-huh!"

2. guy: "You are so cute!"
girl: 'Am not!'
"Are too!"
"YA-HUH!!" (ad infinitum)
by SeeOurWrecks December 03, 2003
Firing a weapon at; as in bust off a couple rounds

Reaching orgasm; as in bust a nut

To accomplish a goal in a celebratory way
1. "That fool Jay was bustin' off at my homies last night, yo!"
2. "Dayum, her Moms & Pops walked in on us last night~~ right when I was bustin' off"
3. "My Dodge Dart's almost complete... I may be bustin' off the 340 this weekend!!!" (we'll see...)
by SeeOurWrecks December 03, 2003
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