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When you are having sex with a chick and at the end you cum on her face and slap your business card in the mess you've created so that it sticks to her face.
I gave this chick the sticky business last night. I figure if she doesn't feel like calling me, at least she's got my email address too.
by See You Next Tuesday February 24, 2010
Hard hitting Northeast corridor contributor in all of the INET blogosphere. His gun to your head, in your face blogs can be found @ bleacherreports.com.
Person A: "I just read this article about St Joseph's (PA) transfer situation...it hit me like a chicagoland deep dish pizza"

Person B: "Must've been a TJ Corbs contribution"
by See You Next Tuesday February 23, 2011
Wearing a sweatshirt or long sleeve t-shirt with shorts and sandals, sometimes accompanied by a frosty cold beer. This combination of clothing allows for maximum heat to be retained during the transition of the seasons between summer and fall, while at the same time allowing for a level of temperature control with the legs and feet being uncovered.

Typically is seen during the time between the summer and the fall but can also be seen during the time between the spring and the summer.

The beer in this ensemble is often referred to as the pocket square. Beer, like a pocket square in a standard tuxedo, is often not necessary but when its present everyone know you mean business.
DG: Woke up this morning and it was a brisk 60 degrees....totally broke out the KG tuxedo.

KG: Very nice, did you remember your pocket square?

DG: To early to break out the pocket square, maybe later tonight.
by See You Next Tuesday September 17, 2011

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