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A girl like no other. Most have brown hair, hazel eyes, and are tan. Usually like older people, and are often hit on. They are known to be really funny, and sometimes very perverted especially toward their boyfriend. Usually have amazing bodies, and are very confident. Sometimes they can be rude and hurtful, but they liked to be chase, so dont give up on them. Most have large vocabularys but dont know how to use them. A very special young lady who enjoys having fun and living life. Her friends usually are guys, she usually gets dirty looks from other girls, and loves being a tomboy. Video games, food, and friends are top notch in this girl's life.
Tommy: Dude Id love to date her, you can totally tell she is a Katelyn.
Cody: How can you tell?
Tommy: Just look at her; her attitude, her body, and her personality.
Cody:Ohhh, I can see it now. WOW what a girl.
by SecretKatelynLover24 June 08, 2010

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