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Home of the C4T!!! (Camp 4 Tribe)-Hottest girls ALIVE. Which is ALSO the home of Cabin 40 TRIBAL CHERRIES whoot whoot!

Yeeeee-es! (cille voice)..And as always..Mahalo.
Sea Gull Guy1: ...More letters from Cabin 40. Something about a cornball from some chicks named Olivia and Stephanie.
Sea Gull Guy2:Oh but dude..cabin 40's got the hottest girls ever.And remember when Olivia and Steph showed us all those hott dance moves at the mixer?

Jasmine (sleeptalking): I dont wan't no strawberries or no baby peaches..I want me some CHERRIES.

*We are are the Tribal Cherries not peaches, not apples, or strawberries..we set our goals really really high..C-40, we love, our Sea Gull guys. STOP it's mating call time-OOOOOOOO. ZEUS! Huh!
by SecondSessionTribalWoman March 05, 2005
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