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A mucusy gob of flem that comes out of a woman's cunt.
I was eating ehr out and I inhaled a disgusting cunt loogie!
by sebastian69 August 11, 2006
A derogatory term describing a whiny, pathetic person. Often used for making fun of sore losers and friends who leave parties or other social functions too early because of a member of the opposite sex that the Merse is trying to bang.Also very useful for describing a pussy who can't eat/drink/party as much as their friends.
1. Wow, Levi and Jesse are such fucking Merses.
2. Holy shit, we really beat those fucking Merses at fooseball. I thought they were going to cry.
3. Wow, she really has his balls in her purse.. he's such a Merse!
4. I can't believe those Murses ditched the party to go try and get laid with those ho's!
by Sebastian69 June 26, 2006
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