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n. An excessively obsequious person, who sucks up to superiors at work. Someone who practices ass-kissing to the Nth degree. An Anal Astronaut is the Master of sucking up, with the Apprentice being Butt Kisser, and the Journeyman being Chocolate Starfish Taster or Salad Tosser.
At first I thought Jeffrey was just a plain old Butt Kisser, then I thought he was a Chocolate Starfish Taster, but have since realized he is a real Anal Astronaut. He will suck up to the boss at every opportunity. I bet he offers to wipe his ass for him.
by Seb13 January 25, 2009
To promote as fact information that is patently wrong, and comes from an unreliable or suspect source.
Don't believe anything John says about pop music. He doesn't have a clue, but will wikiate at every opportunity. Last week he said the Guess Who split off from the Who.
by Seb13 January 22, 2009
n. A Chav with some degree of class or restraint, who is well aware of the fact. A Chav with a belief in class system within Yob culture, and sees him or herself as being superior. A female Chavington may sport the Croyden facelift but will tie it lower on the head, and use a clip rather than an elastic band or scrunchie. A male Chavington may sport the requisite askew baseball/truckers cap, but it will be in subdued colors, with little or no decoration. Both eschew bling. However, a Chavington is still a Chav.
Sarah and Mike have become Chavingtons since he got a better job. They are always saying this guys a yob, and that girls a slag. And they would rather get a bottle of wine and stay indoors than come to the pub.
by Seb13 February 03, 2009
vi. When adults, in adult situations, behave as if they were in high school - teasing, bullying, forming cliques, generally being immature.
Don't go to work at Bill's company, only two things go on over there - working and high schooling. If you do go to work there, you had better get in with the cool crowd ASAP, or you will end being pushed around and stepped on forever.
by Seb13 February 05, 2009
n. A person who may have an aptitude regarding technology, but is both ignorant and/or annoying about everything else.
Dirk is a great programmer, and can answer any question about hardware and software, but he doesn't know who Seinfeld, Obama or Angelina Joli are. And he cannot boil water or pump gas. He is probably the king of the technotwits.
by Seb13 January 29, 2009

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