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The whitest, most liberal city in America. Packed with smug hippies and wannabe hipsters, Seattle prides itself on its liberal politics to the extreme of ignoring any facts that may contradict the feelings that dictate this towns actions.

Corrupt elections are rigged and fixed for Democrats or the closest candidate to a socialist that can be found.

Seattleites think themselves tolerant (as long as you are a raving socialist), integrated (easy in an all-white city), and that the entire world thinks the same way they do.
Every Seattle idiot whines about the 2004 election fraud in Ohio but Seattle elections in King County "found" Democrat votes three times in cages and ballot boxes that had been certified empty three times!

A statue of Lenin graces Seattles Fremont neighborhood and should be burned to the ground.

The women are fat and cannot dress themselves.
The men are whiny, soft, and weak.
#seattle #hippietown #hippieville #socialism #progressives #idiots
by Seattle Hater April 14, 2007
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